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The Nutrition-Behavior Link

Cats are obligate carnivores
A diet with inadequate protein (low protein, processed protein, lack of variety in protein) is directly causal to territory issues.

Cats are crepuscular in nature
They're evolved to hunt and eat twice a day.

The Three Critical Components of a Cat’s Natural Habitat
To create a territory (home) that brings out the very best in your cat, follow the Mother Nature Model.

Cats are designed to hydrate by eating their prey
Cats on a dry-food-only diet are a full 10% more dehydrated compared to cats on a canned or raw diet.

Cats are both prey and predator

How does all of this translate into a diet for a domestic cat? Easy!
Feed your cat a diet of canned and/or raw food, twice per day, on a flat dish. Note: raw food is truly the gold standard for feeding our obligate carnivore friends. Feed until the cat is satiated. Find three or four proteins and manufacturers that your cat enjoys. Rotate the foods. Elevate the diet with raw food, freeze-dried raw treats, raw goat milk and cat grasses.

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