The Whole Cat and Kaboodle

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"I took my timid cat, Emma, to The Whole Cat & Kaboodle for nail trimming. Emma pooped in the carrier because she was scared. The owners and the staffs were so understanding and cleaned up for Emma. They were very professional and they were so gentle on Emma."

- Ann-Chi C., Yelp Reviews

"This place is more of a cat boarding, grooming, and store with a small room to hang with cats than a cat cafe since there is no espresso drinks. There is a complimentary self serve drink and snack station in the corner though. All the cats were really cute and mellow, there's about 10 cats and most of them are adoptable if you just absolutely fall in love with a cat that you meet. I hope everybody get adopted out!!! It's $10 for an hour, you can reserve online for your slot."

- Thao N., Yelp Reviews

"This is my go to for cat grooming plus food, toys. Nancy & team are truly amazing with my cat- she doesn’t really like people much so I am pleased that they do so well with her. Everything in this shop is about cats. They are very knowledgeable and can provide guidance for any issue. I highly recommend this company."

- Claudette C., TripAdvisor

"So friendly! Beautiful shop, they treated my cat like royalty, and their customer service was superb."

- Alyx H., Facebook

"We saw the cafe signs while in the area for the British Pantry and had to check it out. The storefront has a huge variety of fresh, canned, and dried cat food and treats with multiple displays of toys and enrichment. One of the shopkeepers asked about our house cat and sent us with a couple of treat samples he'd enjoy . . . The cat room itself was very enjoyable. Adoptable kittens and cats of various ages have full reign of the room filled with lounging areas for both felines and people. In the entryway is a mini coffee and tea bar with a variety of bagged teas and coffee pods.Keep an eye out for Cheerio the shop cat when you visit!"

- AleSyndey H., Google Reviews

"Called a week ago to schedule my matted kitty for a teddy bear cut and they got me in within a week which is amazing. Upon arrival they did a quick exam of him and decided we need to go down to a lion cut due to his mats. During the shave they talked to me about new ways of switching his diet which I've been struggling with for YEARS in order to cut his weight down so he can better groom himself. He can be a super angsty boy but they did an amazing job on him. They sent me home with good and treat samples and I picked up a new toy for him which he is loving! Came from Leschi for them and definitely worth the drive. My new go-to groomers."

- J S., Google Reviews

"This is my go to place for everything I need for my cat. They have a great selection of wet food, treats and toys. Beyond that they have very knowledgeable staff. I got my cat when she was underweight and neglected. They helped me navigate that and still help me when she has issues. I have used their boarding a few times and had a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend this place enough! My cat is thriving now and they are part of the reason why!"

- Hannah L., Google Reviews

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